App Pick: Newton Mail

Megan Morrone's app cap on iOS Today 344 is Newton Mail from Cloud Magic. This is a new email program that, among other things, will let you check and archive email messages using your Amazon Echo. On iOS, it's a fully featured email app that allows you to take action on messages by swiping left or right.

You can swipe to snooze messages until a later time or date, and you can even "snooze to desktop" so you can see it the next time you're on your Mac. It lets you schedule messages to be sent out later as well. Another unique feature of Newton Mail is Read Receipts. This tracks all sent messages and lets you know when someone reads the message.

Newton Mail has a different business model from most email apps. This works as a subscription service that costs $49.99 a year, but there is a 14 day free trial. Newton Mail works on Mac, iPhone & iPad, Apple Watch, and Android. There also is a Windows app that is currently in beta.

- Learn more about Newton Mail (newtonhq.com)
- Get Newton Mail for Mac (Free) - Get Newton Mail for iOS (Free) - Get Newton Mail for Android (Free)

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