App Pick: kiddZtube

Megan Morrone's app cap on iOS Today 364 is kiddZtube by Magikbee. This is a safe and interactive way for very young children to watch videos on YouTube. It has four kid-friendly categories: Songs, Learning, Cartoons, and Stores. When you tap on a category, it will start playing videos from YouTube that have been curated by a group of teachers.

KiddZtube features over 1,000 popular videos, and each video has customized quizzes designed by educators to teach important skills. There are over 7,000 quizzes that cover spelling, colors, emotions, directions, and more.

- Learn more about kiddZtube (magikbee.com)
- Buy kiddZtube in the iOS App Store ($4.99)
- Buy kiddZtube ($4.99) or get kiddZtube Lite (Free) in the Google Play Store

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