Accessory Picks: Microsoft Surface Mouse, Keyboard, & Dial

Along with the new Surface products announced last week, Microsoft introduced new peripherals. There are two new keyboards; one is a flat rectangle keyboard, and the other is an ergonomic keyboard. Both keyboards come in the magnesium color that matches the Surface computers.

Microsoft introduced a new Surface Mouse and the Surface Dial. The Dial is a new way to access and navigate digital on-screen tools. Unlike the other accessories, however, the Dial does require a Surface PC to work.

Check out Windows Weekly 490 to hear Paul Thurrott talk about the new Microsoft Surface accessories. Read more about these new products at thurrott.com.

- Get the Microsoft Surface Keyboard ($99.99)
- Get the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard ($129.99)
- Get the Microsoft Surface Mouse ($49.99)
- Get the Microsoft Surface Dial ($99.99)

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