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Apple has long been criticized for a lack of diversity.

Unlike most Silicon Valley giants, which suffer from unrepresentative employee roster, Apple also has a few women and minorities in its executive suite as well. At the last keynote, the only woman on stage was a supermodel talking about the Apple Watch. Today's keynote will be different, according to an exclusive interview with Tim Cook by our Friday Co-anchor and Mashable Senior Tech Correspondent Christina Warren. In that interview Cook told Christina that a lack of diversity in Silicon Valley is the fault of the tech community which he said hasn't done enough to show young woman that it's cool to code, and to be an engineer. Read more at


Wireless Charging via Wifi

A PhD student at the University of Washington in Seattle has figured out a way to charge low-power devices using WiFi signals.



Google Self-Driving Car Status Reports Story 

Google has launched a website that will provide details about accidents involving its self-driving cars.



Microsoft Opens a Transparency Centre in Brussels.

The purpose of the office is to let government agencies look at Microsoft source code, check for cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and benefit from the expertise and insight of Microsoft itself. The real purpose may be to convince governments that Microsoft software can be trusted. The center will be open to government agencies in not only Europe, but also in the Middle East and Africa.



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