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Twitter Shares Plunge.

Twitter shares plunged 10% this morning in reaction to the company's earnings call yesterday. Twitter reported that they're struggling to gain new users, despite having launched several new features designed to make Twitter more appealing to mainstream users.

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Facebook Ordered by Hamburg Regulator to Allow Pseudonyms

Facebook has been ordered by a German privacy watchdog to allow Facebook users to use pseudonyms. Facebook's real names policy, which has been controversial in the United States and elsewhere, requires that users go by the same name they have in real life.

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Intel, Micron Unveils The 3D Xpoint Chip

Intel and Micron say they've collaborated on a new kind of memory chip that are up to 1,000 times faster than the chips currently used by mobile devices, while storying 10 times more data than DRAM chips. The technology is called 3D Xpoint.

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Amazon Drone Flight Plans

Amazon is proposing new flight rules for delivery drones that would carve out special airspace just for commercial quadcopters.

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