Tech News Today for September 27, 2016

Tech News for September 27, 2016

How would you feel if Amazon came into your home to deliver a package? In Amazon’s pursuit of “faster faster faster”, the company announced same day delivery for Prime users in Toronto. And that’s certainly impressive on its own. Then The Information comes along with a report that shows Amazon has working relationships with two companies that might someday give Amazon deliveries direct access to your home. August is a company that creates smartphone controlled internet connected locks for the home, and GarageIO build connected garage door openers. At checkout, a user could opt for in-home delivery utilizing those products. Read more at

2016 appears to be the year of the foldable drone. GoPro announced their 800 dollar Karma last week and today the DJI unveiled the $999 Mavic, which is not only foldable, but it fits in the palm of your hand. And if you want to buy it without the controller, its only $749, 50 dollars less than the Karma. Read

YouTube announced a new app targeted at emerging markets, that is, the next billion users, who often suffer from mind numbingly slow connectivity speeds, and its called YouTube Go. No, you don’t throw Pokeballs at YouTube stars in an attempt to catch them all. Its a standalone app with a small footprint that is designed to operate seamlessly on even the cheapest of phones. It stores content locally to keep users from ringing up data on the go. When you choose to download a video, the app tells you how much data that download will use. Read more at

Startup Color Genomics wants to make it easier for everyone to perform cancer screening tests at home. The San Francisco Bay Area–based company, which was started by ex-Google and Twitter engineers offers $250 saliva-based tests to detect risk of breast, ovarian, colon, pancreatic, prostate, uterine, colorectal, and stomach cancer. The tests usually cost between $1,500 to $4,500. And the company is now teaming up with a non-profit and private donors to offer $50 tests to first-degree relatives of people who've already tested positive for one of the mutations on Color’s test. Read more at

Get ready, because Facebook is prepping its own take on Slack called Facebook at Work, and it could launch in a few weeks time, according to The Information. The service would charge companies according to the number of employees within an organization, though no cost has been revealed yet. Facebook is hoping that business users will get as hooked on the service as traditional users have proven to be with Facebook itself. Read more at

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