Tech News Today for September 26, 2016

Tech News for September 26, 2016

Microsoft Ignite starts today and so far the company announced a partnership with Adobe, more AI powered features in Office 365, and some upgrades to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, including new ways to isolate the Edge browser from attacks. They really want people to believe that Windows 10 is the safest, most secure place to work. Microsoft corporate VP Joseph Sirosh also said ACID is changing the face of computing. Read more at

The rumor that Chrome OS and Android would someday merge is a drum beat that we’ve heard for literally years now. And some may have thought that Google’s move to bring Android apps into Chrome OS, announced at this years Google IO, was the endgame for those rumors. But it turns out, that’s only the beginning, according to numerous sources to Android Police and 9to5Google. With a high level of confidence, both outlets say to expect a new Chromebook Pixel in Q3 of 2017 running something called Andromeda, a combined Android and Chrome OS. Read more at

Late Friday night Snapchat unveiled their rumored glasses. Snapchat Spectacles will cost $130, will record video from the wearers perspective and will be available this Fall. This is the companies first piece of hardware and it comes with a company name change too. They're now Snap Inc. Read more at

Roku unveiled a refresh of its streaming media hardware today, with the Roku Express replacing the Roku 1. It’s 75 percent smaller, but twice as powerful, capable of HD streaming, coming in at $30, or $40 with included composite cables. The Premiere replaces the Roku 2 with a quad core processor, 4K at 60 FPS support, and an IR remote for $80. The Premiere+ includes that, plus HDR capability and swaps the standard remote out for an enhanced remote that includes the headphone jack for quiet listening, and that runs $100. Then there’s the Ultra, replacing the Roku 4 which takes the features of the Premiere+ and includes an ever awesomer remote, and USB port for plugging media directly into the box, and that’s $130. Read more at

If the idea of running your own NAS server out of your house always seemed like a little too much work, then you're in luck. Today, the popular media server service Plex announced a deal with Amazon to offer a hardware-free media server. You'll need a subscription to Amazon Drive which costs $60 a year for unlimited storage, and you'll need a Plex pass, which is $5 a month or $40 a year. But you'll no longer need an always on PC or a NAS at home to access your media from anywhere on any device. Read more

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