Tech News Today for October 6, 2016

Tech News for Thursday October 6, 2016

Jason's at Oculus Connect checking out everything that's coming out of the conference, including the obvious lack of noted Internet Troll Palmer Luckey. Here's the big news from the event:

  • The Oculus Rift will FINALLY get controllers.
  • Oculus Touch will be available on December 6th for $199.
  • Mark Zuckerberg took a VR selfie and talked about how virtual reality will integrate with the Facebook social networking site, which is already as much virtual reality as some people want or need.
  • Your avatar will overlay over your photo.
  • Specifically designed Oculus earphones are also coming for $50, shipping in December.
  • Zuckerberg also teased a standalone VR headset that won't need a high-end computer


Snap Incorporated, parent company of Snapchat is prepping for a 25 billion dollar IPO, according to rumors. That's right, the company known for letting you put your eyes and lips on the face of a pug and creating a pair of trendy privacy invading spectacles could IPO as early as March, says The Wall Street Journal. Their same sources say the companuy could generate between $250 million and $350 million for 2016. Read more at

Yesterday news broke that Google isn't interested in buying Twitter and now ReCode reports that Disney is also no longer interested. That leaves Salesforce, according to sources, although neither Marc Benioff nor his representatives have confirmed their interest. Twitter stock plunged today at the news. Read more at

Cursed Nano Machines! According to Quartz, battery researchers are up in arms that once again John Goodenough, inventor of lithium cobalt oxide cathode has again been denied the Nobel Prize for chemistry. The prize, announced yesterday was awarded to three scientists for their work in the design and synthesis of molecular machines. Meanwhile, the 94 year old man who's responsible for what has been called the nervous system of the lithium ion battery has never received the prize, despite the fact that his work powers our incessent need for faster charging, longer lasting, thinner lighter devices. Read more at

The Next Web says Netflix will soon start streaming their original movies in luxury theaters on the same day you can stream them on Netflix. The partnership with theater chain iPic Entertainment is only one of many recent threats Netflix has posed to the traditional entertainment industry. Read more at

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