Tech News Today For October 14, 2016

Tech News Today For October 14, 2016

Murmurs of a Twitter buyout onto the scene suddenly late last month, and almost a quickly, the idea of a big acquisition has faded away.  Salesforce was the last of the major players to be considering a buyout and CEO Mark Benioff told the Financial Times that it's walking away from a potential bid, saying it wasn't the right fit after all. Twitter shares dropped more than six percent as a result of the news, while Salesforce shares jumped six percent.  Read more at

Google has told Search Engine Land that within months the company will start offering different search results on mobile devices.  The dedicated results for mobile users will be fresher and more up to date than those on the desktop.  The company announced that it was experimenting with mobile first search last year, but today confirmed that the new index is imminent.  Read more at

The U.S. Department of Transportation has officially placed a full ban on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, prohibiting it from flights both as carry on and inside checked luggage.  Those who attempt to do so will face a fine at the very least, but criminal prosecution is possible depending on the circumstances.  Read more at

Here's an update to our story from earlier this week about Yahoo trying to prevent you from leaving Yahoo Mail by disabling the auto-forwarding feature.  Auto-forwarding has now been re-enabled in Yahoo Mail.  On a Tumblr post, the company explains that they temporarily disabled the feature to upgrade it.  Read Yahoo's post on

In other Yahoo news, the embattled company will release quarterly earnings on Tuesday, but they're not interested in talking about them.  Yahoo and most public companies usually hold a conference call with analysts after releasing earnings, but this time Yahoo said in a statement that they will not hold the call "Due to the pending transaction with Verizon."  Read more at

Bots are all the rage.  Even the White House is getting in the action by open sourcing the code for President Obama's bot for Facebook Messenger that was released in August.  The Drupal code can be found on Github and its release is intended to enable other government agencies to use that boiler plate code to easily launch their own digital bots and make them even more accessible to the online community.  Read more at

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