Tech News Today For March 8, 2017

Tech News for Wednesday March 8, 2017

On day two of the Wikileaks dump, Apple, Samsung and others have come out to defend the security of their products. Apple says that most of the vulnerabilities profiled in the cache of documents have been fixed and they will continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerabilities in the future, so continue to get your update. In terms of the spying Samsung TV, the company says they are "urgently looking into the matter."  Read more at

Google’s Next Cloud conference is underway in San Francisco, and the company made a number of cloud-centric announcements onstage as one would expect. One such announcement involves the new Video Intelligence API that was shown off during the keynote to illustrate how far Google has come with its efforts in artificial intelligence. The API demonstrated how AI could pick apart a video down to the identification of individual elements, and even make determinations like “this is a commercial”. Also, search capabilities similar to Google Photos but with video.  Read more at

ReCode reports that Didi Chuxching, China's ride-hailing Uber competitor is opening a self-driving lab in Mountain View, California to be led by Charlie Miller, the man who remotely hacked a Jeep back in 2015. Miller came from none other than Uber from whence he jumped ship last week. Didi also poached a senior software engineer at Waymo Jia Zhaoyin. The company has talked about using its treasure trove of data for autonomous research, so it was no secret that they were going to get into the driverless car race, but many were surprised that they were opening up shop in the US. They also announced a self-driving car tech contest as a partnership with Udacity.  Read more at

Social Q&A app Jelly which was created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and Ben Finkel, has been snapped up by Pinterest in a move that Pinterest says will help it build out its visual discovery engine. No mention of the future of Jelly itself, so it's likely the app will die off and the small staff will be brought into the Pinterest fold.

Here's a tip for freeing up space on your iPhone, especially if you're an avid Twitter user. Mike Murphy over at Quartz says that with today's Twitter update. Tap “Me” in the bottom-right corner of the app then tap the gear icon and then tap Settings. Tap "STORAGE" Mike says this might say Data Usage, but it said "Storage for Me" then tap and clear them both to free up some space for more tweeting.  Read more at

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