Tech News Today For March 7, 2017

Tech News for Tuesday March 7, 2017

Wikileaks unleashed an unprecedented collection of CIA hacking tools and code with the codename Vault 7, to the tune of 8,761 docs and files, and hundreds of millions of lines of code. Joining us to break it down is Iain Thomson from the Register.  Read more at

It's the new space race. Who can get a rich person to pay them a kajillion dollars to launch them to the moon in an autonomous space ship first? My money is on Space X CEO Elon Musk, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has also revealed new photos of his human moon shuttle, the New Glenn, named after John Glenn. And while Musk has stayed silent about who has paid him for the round trip into space and back, Bezos said today that his first customer is not a space tourist, the satellite operator Eutelsat. For his part, Musk has been flying satellites for commercial companies for several years, whereas Bezos has been supporting his endeavor with his own money, more than 500 million dollars to date. Musk says he'll fly a person to the moon in 2018, three years before Bezos will launch his new orbital rocket.  Read more at

Last month we told you about the new visual search from Pinterest that will allow you to buy anything you see in the real world. Just snap a photo of it and Pinterest will tell you where and how to buy it. Today the company released a browser extension that will let you buy anything you see on the Web. It doesn't even have to be on Pinterest. The feature is exclusive to Chrome right now, but Pinterest engineer Kent Brewster says the extension will come to other browsers soon.  Read more at

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