Tech News Today for June 30, 2016

Tech News for June 30, 2016

Google has officially named the next version of its Android operating system. It will be called "Nougat" and will be out later this summer. Google made the announcement on Snapchat and Twitter. Read more at

Spotify is claiming that Apple is using its app store approval process as a weapon against them. This news comes from a letter Spotify sent to Apple's lawyers and obtained by Recode. The letter was also circulated to the US Congress where just yesterday Senator Elisabeth Warren criticized Apple, along with Google and Amazon, for anticompetitive practices. Spotify's beef is with Apple's subscription service which requires app makers to pay Apple a monthly fee of up to 30%. They applied to the app store with their new app, without using the subscription service and that's why Apple rejected them. Read more at

Apple might be developing a way to use infrared signals to prevent the iPhone camera from recording footage. An infrared emitter could be used at concerts or on the floors of Congress where it could beam encoded signals that would disable video capturing. Read more at

A 10-year-old girl applied for a fellowship designed for computer science PHDs and experienced urban designers in France -- and she won. Quartz reports that in her letter, the ten year old named Eva said "The streets of Paris are sad. I want to build a robot that will make them happy again." She also did what many experienced coders are not so good at: she said she'd had some trouble with her programming so far and she asked for help. Read more at

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