Tech News Today for June 29, 2016

Tech News for June 29, 2016

Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is coming August 2. If you have one of the 350 million plus devices already running Windows 10, you'll get it for free. A variant of the OS will install across the entire Windows 10 ecosystem including PCs, tablets, Windows Phones, Surface Hub, Xbox One, Internet of Things devices, and HoloLens. Read more at

Amazon has been giving customers a deal on the Kindle if they're willing to sit through a few ads on their books. Now The Verge says they'll be making a similar deal on some Android phones, but instead of just ads, it's also apps. Prime Members can get big discounts on some unlocked Android smartphones if they agree to grant Amazon the ability to pre-install bloatware and adware. Right now the deal is only on the Motorola Moto G and the BLUE R1 HD. Read more at

Amazon just gave Google a big gift for its European antitrust problem. Read more at

TechCrunch reports that Uber is using the data from driver's phones to give them weekly scorecards of how well they're driving. They can tell if drivers are speeding, driving aggressively, or driving too much without resting. They'll use this for the passenger's safety and to confirm or deny passenger's complaints. Read more at

Security analysts at Google's Project Zero say if you use Symantec or Norton security products, you better update them ASAP. Google says these vulnerabilities are "As bad as it gets" and they're currently exposing millions of us from individuals to large and small businesses to attacks that could take complete control of our computers. Read more at

Jason Howell is off today, so Megan Morrone will be joined by Iain Thomson from The Register. Tech News Today streams live at 4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern at The show can be downloaded later at

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