Tech News Today for June 28, 2016

Tech News for June 28, 2016...

Microsoft is shutting down Xbox Fitness, according to a product sunset announcement they posted on their blog. The feature debuted with Xbox One in 2013 and allowed people to pay to download workouts. As of yesterday, you will no longer be able to purchase workout content on Xbox Fitness and as of July 1st, you were no longer be able to access content on Xbox Fitness -- even content that you purchased with real money. Read more at

In other Microsoft news, last month the company dropped its appeal and paid a California woman ten thousand dollars after she sued Microsoft for lost wages and the cost of the computer when she claimed Windows 10 automatically installed. While the Redmond giant says denies wrongdoing, today Microsoft announced a change to the notification of a pending Windows 10 upgrade. Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet says the new, clearer dialogue box will start rolling out this week. Read more at

Are you ready for the spatial computing revolution? Twitter is. According to the website Upload VR the company has hired Alessandro Sabatelli, formerly of Apple, to head Twitter's new AR and VR division. Read more at

Amazon's new PageFlip feature wants to give you the digital equivalent of putting your finger in a book to keep your place while you check another place in the book. Amazon calls these virtual fingers page pins. Tap a page pin and go back to that spot. The update is coming to Kindles, the Kindle app, and Fire tablets, starting today. Read more at

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