Tech News Today for June 23, 2016

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A new research study indicates that people would rather have self-driving cars prioritize the life of the passengers over the life of pedestrians on the street. Should self-driving cars hit pedestrians to save the life of the passenger? Get the full story at

Ever wonder how much Uber drivers really make? Recently leaked price modeling data, and Uber's own calculations, show that drivers in some markets may not make much more than workers at major chains like Walmart. Get the full story at

At VidCon today, Facebook pre-announced some big new features for Facebook Live. It will gain the ability to stream two people from different locations simultaneously so friends can "drop in" on the conversation. Facebook will also be adding waiting rooms where people can hang out before a broadcast begins and allow for scheduling broadcasts in advance. Users of the app MSQRD, the app for putting virtual 'masks' on similar to Snapchat's filters, will be able to go live directly to Facebook as well. Get the full story at

Happy Birthday to Nintendo 64 -- today marks 20 years since its first release. Get the full story at 

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