Tech News Today for July 6, 2016

Tech News for July 6, 2016

Snapchat is taking a trip back in time. Some would say their new feature called Memories is the antithesis of what made Snapchat a popular messaging app in its early days. Rolling out today and over the next month, users will find a new feature that allows users to save their snaps to Snapchat’s servers where they can access those memories at a later date. Read more at

Sportsball fans who are curious to know what Twitter’s streaming of Thursday Night Football games this Fall might be like, now have an idea as today Twitter began streaming from Wimbledon. Earlier today the page was hopping with Wimbledon coverage on the left side player, and a Twitter stream related to it on the right side. The bummer is that actual matches weren’t streamed, only live interviews, insight and analysis, and replays. Read more at

Google continues to hunker down on its image search capabilities. First, Google announced today that it has acquired Moodstocks, a small team that works on technology that it offers to developers that allows them to recognize objects by turning devices into “smart scanners.” Moodstock’s YouTube channel has some videos that show off the technology running on smart phones, and it’s quickly able to recognize an object in front of the camera. Supposedly, this recognition is happening offline. Read more at

Android Police says it is extremely confident that Google is working on two Android Wear watches, possibly donning Google’s exclusive Nexus brand, that will integrate its announced and as yet unreleased Assistant AI technology -- the next phase of Google Now. One watch will be larger and more fully featured, while the other would be smaller and more streamlined, removing things like GPS and mobile data. Read more at

Walt Mossberg posted a piece on The Verge he calls “The tyranny of messaging and notifications.” Read it at

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