Tech News Today For July 25, 2017

Tech News for Tuesday July 25, 2017

Notoriously secret Apple has just been outed, maybe, by the president. Trump claims that Apple CEO Tim Cook promised him he would build three US manufacturing plants. "Big, big, big" said the president. No one at Apple has confirmed this. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump also said the plants would be beautiful, but he did not say where they would be located or what they would manufacture. Trump also said that many people will have to leave their communities in order to move to the places where the manufacturing jobs are. "You can leave," the president said. "It's OK. Don't worry about your house." Read more at

In 2020, almost 25 years after Adobe unleashed it onto the world, Flash will finally see its end of life as Adobe will cease any updates or distribution at that point. Adobe will continue to offer security updates for Flash as well as offer support for current browsers up until then as well. Read more at

There's a playground skirmish going on between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about whether AI is going to kill us or not. For several years now Musk has been sounding alarms about the existential threat of artificial intelligence. You know, how robots will keep us as pets in the not-so-distant future, etc. It wasn't until the billionaire spoke to the US Governor's association that other big names in the tech industry began to very publicly disagree with him. First, the founder of iRobot said Musk didn't really understand AI, namely how dumb it was. And then in a Facebook live stream over the weekend Mark Zuckerberg answered a question about Elon's AI naysaying, calling him irresponsible. Sick burn, Zuck. Now Musk shot back saying Zuckerberg's knowledge of AI is limited. In other words, he was asking, Do you even read scientific journals, bro?  Read more at

Motorola announced its latest premium Android smartphone, the Moto Z2 Force, that accepts its catalog of Moto Mods for expanding functionality. The Z2 Force has a shatterproof screen, a dual rear facing camera setup for Bokeh shots, and a Snapdragon 835 processor that competes with any of the current crop of top-tier Android devices. The Moto Z2 Force will release in the US on August 10 for $800.  Read more at

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