Tech News Today for July 25, 2016

Tech News for July 25, 2016

The upcoming presidential election in the United States has already had its fair share of eyebrow raising moments, so you can add this one to the list. Last Friday, prior to the Democratic National Convention that kicks off tonight, Wikileaks let loose a trove of emails from the DNC. Over the weekend, many in Washington were poring over the emails to figure out the details of what was leaked, but beyond that, security experts have been looking into the source of the leaks. Many are saying that evidence is strong that groups in Russia are responsible for the leaks, and the FBI is currently actively investigating the hack. Read more at

Last week Apple released security updates for OS X, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS so if you haven't aleady updated all of your Macs and iDevices, its time to do it now. Really, this time. The updates patches a nasty password-stealing vulnerability similar to the Stagefright hole that plagued Android users last year. Researchers at Cisco discovered the bug, but waited to announce it until after Apple had released a fix. Read more at

In other Apple news, people familiar with the matter say that Bob Mansfield is now leading Project Titan, Apple's mysterious so-called electric car project. Mansfield was the former chief of hardware at Apple and at the helm of the release of the MacBook Air, the iMac, the iPad, and the Apple Watch. He stepped away from the day-to-day at Apple, but now he's back. Or maybe he was never gone at all. Most experts say an Apple car, if there will be one, is still years away. Read more at

Twitter has been frequently criticized for not doing a good enough job at marketing itself, telling people what its really good for. So they’ve announced a new marketing campaign aimed at addressing what it really is. Twitter points out the fact that the Twitter brand is recognizable, putting that number at around 90% of people world-wide who know about the company. Now, the company wants to make people understand it's not a Facebook, and that its strength lies in being a source for breaking news and timely events. Read more at

Nintendo, Niantic, Pokémon Company? It turns out some investors didn't know the difference and today Bloomberg reports that shares of Nintendo have plummeted after the company put out a statement regarding the limited bottom-line impact of Pokémon Go on Nintendo. The company only has a 13 percent stake in Pokémon Go, the announcement of which caused the stock its steepest drop since the 90s. Read more at

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