Tech News Today for July 19, 2017

Tech News for Wednesday July 19, 2017

Apple just launched a new machine learning site at Volume 1, Issue One of the Apple Machine Learning Journal is available to read now if you're interested in how using large data sets can increase the set of your neural net. Russ Salakhutdinov, Apple's relatively new director of AI research announced last year at a conference that the company planned to share more on this front, but how much of the impetus of this "journal" is proving that they are as advanced on this front than Google or Amazon? Read more at

Google made some updates to its search app on iOS and Android today in order to offer you a steady stream of what Google thinks you want to know before you search for it. Google will deliver articles, video, and other customized content right to your filter bubble as soon as you turn it on. To get this kind of personalized content you'll have to have web & app activity and location history turned on. Read more at

The US government will ease restrictions on self-driving cars, according to legislation that passed the House Commerce consumer protection subcommittee by voice vote. Automakers can now manufacture up to 100,000 autonomous vehicles a year, according to the new federal standards which will pre-empt the state laws. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA will oversee development and testing, and the House Energy & Commerce committee will vote on the bill next week. The new urgency for driverless car laws comes from the steady increase in traffic fatalities. According to Reuters road deaths in the United States rose 7.7 percent in 2015, which was the the highest annual jump since 1966. Read more at

According to GeekWire, Amazon has a patent for a Treasure Truck where people order things online and pick them up from an elaborately decorated truck that also sometimes gives you free candy. The truck was limited to Seattle, but is soon coming to a city near you. TechCrunch says they're not going on a road trip, they'll be parked in a specific location. Read more at

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