Tech News Today for July 17, 2017

Tech News for Monday July 17, 2017

The biggest story of the day is undountedly World Emoji Day with the news of new Apple emoji and the end of the Google blob emoji. Let's start with Apple. Breastfeeding zombies, Cocunut Elves, and T-Rex Sandwiches are just some of the emoji that Apple announced are coming with iOS 11. Of course that's the breastfeeding emoji, the zombie emoji, cocunut, elf, T-Rex and the sandwich emoji. Among the many ways the world is celebrating emoji day, London's Royal Opera House will present 20 well-known operas and ballets in emoji form online. Read more at

Security researcher Leigh-Anne Galloway says anyone can gain access to your old MySpace account as long as you know someone's birthday. Galloway notified MySpace of the flaw back in April, but they sent her an automated response and did not fix it. Only when this huge security hole became public today did MySpace plug the hole. Not sure what people could do once they took control of your account that's more embarrassing than what's actually on your MySpace account anyway, but its still very bad security. Read more at

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's new worth has reached a record high of 66.7 billion dollars, as shares of his company's stock continue to rise. Meanwhile, he is not running for president, despite his carefully controlled appearances all over the United States. Read more at

Back in March, one fan of the game Overwatch had his assumptions about one of the games playable characters confirmed - part of the backstory of intriguing and intelligent Symmetra is that she's on the autism spectrum. According to gameplay and a comic that came out before the release, Symmetra is uncomfortable in crowds, goes out of her way to adjust crooked picture frames during important business meetings, and sometimes walks away from conversations while peole are speaking to her. This week, Wired has a long piece on neurodiveristy in video games and how only 9 other characters in all of video game history have been autistic. Read more at

We first heard about a brand new Atari product at E3 and now photos of this mystery box are beginning to appear online. In a newsletter to fans, Atari says the product is meant to appeal to both old and new fans of Atari. So you'll see ribbed lines, a raised back, and wood, plus an HDMI port, four USB ports and an SD slot. Read more in this email from Atari.

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