Tech News Today for July 14, 2017

Tech News for Friday July 14, 2017

Good news! The Washington Post says border agents don't have the right to look at your social media accounts. According to a letter obtained by journalists, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) are not allowed to search through any data that's stored only in the cloud and that includes social media data. Border agents ARE allowed to inspect anything "physically resident on an electronic device transported by an international traveler." This is by no means crystal clear at this point, but the Post says agents could look through your downloaded text messages, contacts or notes on a device. But anything that would have to be requested from a remote server is off-limits. Read more at

You can now pay nearly $3000 for an Android Smart Watch made by Louis Vuitton, but Business Insider says you'll have to call Louis Vuitton on the telephone if you want one. The Tambour Horizon runs Android 2.0 and with built-in flight tracking and city guide features, it's designed for global travelers. $3000 seems like a lot, but it's cheap compared to Louis Vuitton's not smart watches and to the original 18 karat gold Apple Watch Edition. Read more at

TechCrunch reports that Google's Life Science division is testing a unique new way to get rid of mosquitoes. More mosquitos. DeBug Fresno is Alphabet-owned Verily's first foray into solving the global health impact of disease-carrying mosquitoes. The 20 million mosquitos they plan to release in Fresno carry a bacteria and they're also sterile males. When they mate with females the eggs won't hatch. The company has chosen Fresno because the area has a confirmed problem with Zika-carrying mosquitos. Read more at

Get ready geeks. At this week's Disney D23 expo, the company has unveiled Star Wars Land. Disney unveiled a model of the 14-acre future park which will allow fans to control the Millennium Falcon, eat at the build a restaurant that will resemble Mos Eisley Cantina, take part in a battle between the first order and the resistance and wait in soul crushingly long lines. The parks will open at Walt Disney Land and Walt Disney World in 2019. Read more at

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