Tech News Today for February 7, 2017

Tech News for Tuesday February 7, 2017

Twitter just got serious about abuse and harrassment. In a blog post the company says soon they'll filter out abusive tweets before you see them. Twitter hopes that with three new tools they'll still be able to foster free speech while at the same time slowing trolls from opening new accounts, tweaking search to limit hate speech, and collapse potentially offensive or "low-quality" tweets. Read more at

YouTube is finally rolling out its mobile live video streaming functionality to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers with a promise that the rest of its users will have it soon. Those live casts will also support Super Chat, which YouTube announced last month as a way for fans to connect with and give back to creators by purchasing preferred placement in the chat window for up to five hours. Read more at

Motherboard says that the hacker responsbile for taking down 20 percent of The Dark Web is a first timer. The vigilante took down the private web hosting service Freedom Hosting II and knocked at least ten thousand sites offline. Motherboard says the hacker used the tag Anonymous and began taking sites down on Friday and they were still down as late as Monday of this week. The reason? They're allegedly filled with child pornography. Read more at

Logitech’s ZeroTouch system has allowed users to mount their phone within the vehicle to allow for things like motion control, as well as voice control of the device to keep hands off the device while driving. An update rolling out today brings Amazon’s voice assistant into the ZeroTouch app given you have an Amazon account to sync up to it. Read more at

The Wall Street Journal reports on a new handheld device that will tell you if you smell bad. Minolta, the copier maker, wants to help those of us who are anxious about our body odor. A gadget called KunKun (which is Sniff Sniff in Japanese) is small enough to fit in your pocket and connects to a smart phone app which will tell you whether or not you stink. The device will be on sale in Japan this summer for a few hundred dollars. Read more at

VR Sense is a cabinet as large as a dresser that simulates the smell of your virtual environment. It not only will simulate an array of scents tied to the virtual experience, but also things like wind, mist and temperature. Read more at

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