Tech News Today For February 10, 2017

Tech News for Friday February 10, 2017

Facebook has agreed to an audit by the Media Rating Council to verify the accuracy of its ad data, and provide more transparency after a number of measurement errors were revealed by the company last year.  Facebook says its now working with 24 independent global partners to provide accurate data to its clients. Facebook also detailed a number of ways it plans to improve its data reporting, including adding more metrics like to-the-millisecond reporting of on-screen ad viewing, and how much of an ad was visible on-screen while it played.  Read more at

Ford is stepping up its ambitions in Artificial Intelligence with a $1 billion investment in Argo AI, a relatively unknown AI company, that will help develop self-driving technology for Ford's vehicles. Ford will continue its work on the hardware platform without the need to create its own self-driving system, and Argo AI, which becomes a subsidiary of Ford, will focus on the software and enjoy the help of Ford to bring it to market.  Read more at

Just because the Amazon Tap has Tap in the name doesn’t mean you need to tap it at all. At least, not anymore now that Amazon is pushing out an over-the-air update to the device that activates hands-free mode bringing it closer to being on par with its bigger sibling the Amazon Echo. Amazon isn’t saying whether it plans to bring hands-free mode to the even smaller Echo dot in the future.  Read more at

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