Tech News Today for August 22, 2016

Tech News for August 22, 2016

There were rumors pointing to a release of Android 7 Nougat today and those rumors, at least this time, were true! The latest major version of Android begins the process of rolling out to many supported Google Nexus devices today. Users who are already enrolled in the Dev Preview were able to update immediately this morning. Not all Nexus devices are eligible, though. Factory images and OTA updates are rolling out for the Nexus 5X, 6P, 6, 9, Player and Pixel C. Read more at

There's HealthKit, CareKit, and ResearchKit, but today Fast Company reports that Apple has acquired Gliimpse, a health data company that compiles all your personal medical information into a tidy, sharable package, that Gliimpse claims is secure. Gliimpse was started by Anil Sethi, an Apple systems engineer from the 80s who's other startups have been purchased by WebMD and others. Read more at

NetGear is introducing a new multi-unit router called the Orbi to help tackle the problem of weak WiFi throughout the home. The company calls it a WiFi system and not just a router because of the inclusion of everything you need to extend WiFi along with software to make it all work. There are two units in total, one a primary router for plugging the modem into, and another that you put elsewhere in the home. Supposedly, it’s capable of 4,000 square feet of coverage. Read more at

Fusion reports that a 20-year-old Pakistani technologist has created art directly from his brain, using an $800 headset and an algorithm. The Emotive is a brain wearable that offers access to advanced brain monitoring and cognitive assessment technologies and Asad Malik used all the raw data coming from his Emotiv and translated it into visual representations, using an algorithm where particular colors and patterns represent different emotions and patterns of thought. The Emotive is designed to monitor stress, allowing you to track your ability to focus and quantify other brain functions, sort of like a FitBit for our noggins. Read more at

Samsung is doing a bangup job when it comes to its approach on premium smartphones. The Galaxy S7 series including the recently released Note 7 all show that Samsung knows how to make a premium device and get customers to pay premium prices for them. But the company is looking to take its progress in premium and extend it to lower price points by selling refurbished used versions of its flagships. Read more at

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