Hardware Pick: Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pen

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 546 is the pen from the Apple Company Store in Cupertino. This pen has an Apple logo on it, and comes in the same colors that many Apple products do: Space Grey, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

If you can't make it to the Company Store, however, you can order the same pen online without the Apple logo. It's called the Tornado from Retro 51, and it's a stainless steel rollerball tip pen with a twist-top. While the Apple pens only come in a few colors, the pens from Retro 51 come in a wide variety of color options.

- Learn more about the Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pen (
- Get the Retro51 Tornado Rollerball Pen on Amazon ($19.99 as of 2/16/17)

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