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Some Things We're Doing to Protect the TWiT Team

TWiT is a small company -- we only employ 25 people at our LastPass studios -- but their health is important to Lisa and me. So, starting Sunday, March 15, 2020, you may notice some differences in our shows as we take steps to protect ourselves from Covid-19. 

To reduce face-to-face contact, our hosts will record many of our shows remotely. We’re suspending in-studio guest appearances; all of our guests will be brought in via Skype. Some of our shows require shooting in-studio, but we’ll do everything we can to minimize exposure, including shooting with a skeleton staff. We are sending most of our office staff home to work, and those who have to come in will take steps to reduce the risks of exposure to Covid-19.

None of this will affect our production schedule, and our feeds and social presence, including chat, the forums, our Mastodon and Twitter accounts will all operate as usual. 

We did close our doors to visitors at the beginning of March as a precaution and we plan to continue these measures until the pandemic passes. It’s very important to us to protect the health of our TWiT family. 

We appreciate your continued support. Stay healthy and keep listening!

Leo and Lisa

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