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New Show: Get Your Eyes on Hands-On Photography

Ant Pruitt - Hands on Photography

UPDATE: Episode 1 publishes October 17, 2019

The world is more visual than ever, with cameras getting smaller, better, and more accessible. Millions of photos are taken every day, but how do you make yours stand out?

Ant Pruitt is a self-taught pro, who built and ran a photography/video business in Charlotte, North Carolina. With his new podcast, Hands-On Photography, Ant will teach you how to create outstanding photos and videos with your camera, no matter what camera (or even smartphone). He will share tips, tricks, camera settings, composition ideas, and post-processing. The show includes audience participation challenges to encourage creative growth and a sense of community.

Ant believes photography is more than megapixels; it's about the story, the community, and the excitement of creating and sharing heart-grabbing images. As a freelance content creator, he photographed events, products, portraits, and created videos for marketing promotion. He's written gear reviews and post-production how-tos for publications including TechRepublic and Earlier this year, he photographed a major fundraising event for NBA player Hasaaan Whiteside's charity, which provides scholarships for underprivileged student-athletes. Ant also has years of experience creating YouTube tutorials.

As a former enterprise tech professional and an all-around nice guy, Ant is the perfect teacher for the beginner, the serious enthusiast, and anyone in between. Ant joined the TWiT podcast network in September 2019 and co-hosts This Week in Google. He also appears on This Week in Tech, Hands-On Tech, and Triangulation.

The trailer for the episode is available now and Episode 1 will be available Thursday, October 17 (we had to push back the first episode due to the PG&E power outages). We're publishing audio and video versions of Hands-On Photography and you can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, YouTube, or your favorite podcatcher.

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