The Giz Wiz

MAD's maddest writer and The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, showcases useful, unique and sometimes silly gadgets and gizmos from his studio, his warehouse, trade shows, and even from those late night TV ads. He's joined by co-host Chad Johnson.

Records live every Wednesday at 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET.

November 12, 2013
#1442: A Priest, a Chicken, and a Phone

Quirky smart dashboard, weight sensing electric skateboard, Padre waits in the street with a chicken for the iPad mini to arrive, and more.

November 5, 2013
#1441: The Balls Must Roll!

A service to digitize old home videos, rechargeable LED snake light, a wrap-around extension cord, and more.

October 29, 2013
#1440: You're Massaging It Wrong

Rotor Concept Discovery quadcopter, Flixel app for making cinemagraphs, Lightsphere collapsible flash diffuser, and more.

October 22, 2013
#1439: The Butt Knob

An LED lightbulb under $10, a better knob for opening doors, a self service security system, and more.

October 15, 2013
#1438: Turkish Delight

The Doggy Shouse, Handy Camel Bag Clip, a dryer for your pet, a Turkish chess table, and more.

October 8, 2013
#1437: Selfie Balls

The ShutterBall for smartphone cameras, glasses for watching TV lying down, iPad bathroom stand, and more.

October 1, 2013
#1436: The Chaddington Maneuver

Playskool 2-in-1 camera and projector, PocketPlug for smartphones, the Squatty Potty, and more.