The Giz Wiz

May 7, 2014
#1467: Lamps With Clamps

Fun things that attach to your bike, homemade slushy maker, a camp light lantern and flashlight, and more!

April 30, 2014
#1466: Putty Buddy

A packable backpack, the Acer Aspire Switch 10, anti-theft wallet, "funny" putty, and more.

April 23, 2014
#1465: Kidnapping Concept Cars

The horseless eCarriage, a crazy concept car from Toyota, a t-shirt with heart rate monitor, and more!

April 16, 2014
#1464: Blue Teeth and a Beer Belly

A Bluetooth toothbrush, 360 degree camera, internet music system, Chad gets a Beer Belly, and more.

April 9, 2014
#1463: Follow the Bouncing Apple

We take a look at 3D printers including one that prints food, Chad covers fruit in blubber, an odd HDMI cable, and more!

April 2, 2014
#1462: Oh, It Does Bounce!

Automatic jar opener, an iPhone and iPod case that holds earbuds, magnetic putty, and more!

March 26, 2014
#1461: The S'more, the Merrier

A flexible desktop PC, single cup coffee maker, LED strip lights, Chad makes S'mores, and more!