The Giz Wiz

MAD's maddest writer and The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, showcases useful, unique and sometimes silly gadgets and gizmos from his studio, his warehouse, trade shows, and even from those late night TV ads. He's joined by co-host Chad Johnson.

Records live every Thursday at 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET.

July 20, 2006
#109: Scrolling LED Hat and Belt Buckle Dick's in LED heaven with a scrolling LED Hat and Belt Buckle from
July 18, 2006
#108: Solio Portable Solar Charger Never run out of juice, as long as the sun is shining with the Solio portable solar charger...
July 17, 2006
#107: Infoglobe Plus Digital Caller ID It's 3D caller ID with the Infoglobe Plus cordless phone from Olympia...
July 16, 2006
#106: Intuitive Shower Curtain Our contest winners and the Tilco Intuitive Shower Curtain - the first shower curtain that makes you smarter...
July 14, 2006
#105: iSmell Smell the odor of failure: the Digiscents iSmell was doomed before it even began.
July 13, 2006
#104: Wavy Wand Send secret messages with the Wavy Wand
July 12, 2006
#103: Park Zone Park Zone makes it easy to park in the garage perfectly every time.