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MAD's maddest writer and The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, showcases useful, unique and sometimes silly gadgets and gizmos from his studio, his warehouse, trade shows, and even from those late night TV ads. He's joined by co-host Chad Johnson.

Records live every Wednesday at 5:00pm PT/8:00pm ET.

November 9, 2006
#189: HP Pocket Media Drive The HP Pocket Media Drive, a portable USB drive, that can dock on some HP computers...
November 9, 2006
#188: Kingston K-PEX 100 Kingston's first media player, the K-PEX 100...
November 7, 2006
#187: FrancisFrancis! Leo sings the praises of his new bright red Francis Francis coffee machine from Illy.
November 5, 2006
#186: USB Cell A NiMH battery that recharges via USB - neat!
November 3, 2006
#185: StarTac Clip-on Organizer From the Gadget Warehouse, the ultimate add-on for the first really cool cell phone.
November 2, 2006
#184: mstation It's a bowling ball, it's speakers, it's... m-station. The iPod speakers that look like a bowling ball!
November 2, 2006
#183: WEC How do they do it? Wireless electricity - WEC from those wags at Think Geek!