TWiT Live Specials

Leo Laporte and the TWiTs go off the beaten path to bring you non-standard shows from the network, including breaking news, live-on-location events, special interviews, and geek conference expeditions. Broadcast live at

October 23, 2012
#141: Apple's October Event

Apple announces new Mac Mini, redesigned iMac, new iPad, iPad Mini, and more.

October 4, 2012
#140: Hodgman Won't Leave Our Studio

John Hodgman answers questions from the chat room after Triangulation.

September 12, 2012
#139: The iPhone 5

Live coverage of the Apple iPhone 5 announcement.

September 6, 2012
#138: New Amazon Kindles

Live coverage of the new Amazon Kindle announcement.

August 24, 2012
#137: Apple vs. Samsung: The Verdict

Live coverage of the Apple vs. Samsung trial verdict.

August 22, 2012
#136: Sumo Wrestling

The TWiT staff has a Sumo Wrestling match, and big head shenanigans gangnam style.

August 20, 2012
#135: Photo Day with Chris Marquardt

For the third time, Chris Marquardt sneaks into the back door and takes over the TWiT Network to explore photography outside the mainstream.