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September 23, 2014
#356: Talko: Tech News Today 1098

Ray Ozzie is back -- this time with a wildly innovative smartphone app.

September 22, 2014
September 22, 2014
#354: Crescent Bay: Tech News Today 1097

Facebook's Oculus VR unveiled a new prototype for its virtual reality headset called Crescent Bay.

September 21, 2014
#353: Japanese Company Plans to Build a Space Elevator by 2050: TWiT 476

Japanese company Obayashi plans to have a space elevator by 2050.

September 21, 2014
September 20, 2014
#351: The Right Backup Platform: The Tech Guy 1119

What is the right backup system that will get me up and running quickly?

September 19, 2014