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March 7, 2012
#43: Scott E. Jordan

Scott E. Jordan co-founder and CEO of SCOTTEVEST Inc, talks about the TV show Shark Tank, SCOTTEVEST apparel, electronic clothing patients, and more.

February 29, 2012
#42: Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf, talks about podcasting, Carpool, his new book News from Gardenia, details about Red Dwarf X, and more.

February 22, 2012
#41: Steve Martin

Steve Martin joins us to talk about The Habits of Very Organized People, twitter's influence, an artists viewpoint of piracy, comedy, bluegrass, and more.

February 15, 2012
#40: Bram Cohen

BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen talks about utorrent, childhood programming, P2P and more.

February 8, 2012
#39: Gina Trapani

This Week in Google host Gina Trapani comes on the show to talk all about, open source programming, days at lifehacker, is code poetry or poetry code? And much more.

January 25, 2012
#38: Clay Johnson

Leo and Tom talk to Clay Johnson creator of The Information Diet in this weeks Triangulation.

January 18, 2012
#37: NOPA

Leo and Tom talk to editors Mark Frauenfelder, and Rob Beschizza in this weeks Triangulation.