Trey's Variety Hour

May 29, 2012
#37: Google+ Conference Photowalks!

Google+ Photographers Conference Photowalks

May 22, 2012
#36: The Evolution & Revolution of Photography

The history of photography and an in depth conversation about printing.

May 15, 2012
#35: Personal Photo Projects

We talk about personal photo projects. We share photos and stories behind them and have just a dandy old time. Ron reveals his cool new app FreezePaint!

May 9, 2012
#34: How Do You Learn and Improve Your Photography?

Stories and advices on lessons learned throughout their photographic voyages in life

May 1, 2012
#33: Social Media and New Opportunities for Artists

Social media and the new opportunities it brings to artists.

April 24, 2012
#32: The Google+ Photographers Conference Show

The upcoming Google+ Photographers Conference Show and more!

April 17, 2012
#31: The Sony NEX-7 Review Show!

Sony NEX-7 review show!