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June 21, 2010
#65: The Times They Are A Skintillating

Employer issued devices and privacy, Google book search settlement limbo, copies persisting on copiers, and more.

June 13, 2010
#64: NYT Has No Pulse

Implications of RSS aggregators, Slanket vs. Snuggie, patent countersuits, mashups on Glee, and more.

June 7, 2010
#63: Pink Floyd Semantics

Email cease and desist, not so innocent infringers, digital copyright notices, citizen journalism, criminal personation, freetard dating, and more.

June 1, 2010
#62: Distributing Fractional Cows

Gizmodo warrant validity, ubiquitous IT, meaningless copies, value of authenticity, GoogleTV and rights holders, and more.

May 24, 2010
#61: Transformers Transformed

Hurt Locker snark, incentives for creativity, filming filming, Limewire decision, and more.

May 17, 2010
#60: Open Source Toyotas

Google e-books, fictional mashups, Elena Kagan, forced follow bug and fragile egos, Star Trek Universe liability and more.

May 10, 2010
#59: Praying At The Bar

Facebook privacy vs. utility, friends of friends, chat leak, cloud services for lawyers, anonymous defendants, future of on-line music, and more.