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August 30, 2010
#75: Morons In A Hurry

The dark side of the Google, who Paul Allen isn't suing, music lawsuits and rights, shedding more light on net neutrality, and more.

August 22, 2010
#74: Nosferatu Cookies

State of the DMCA, satellite imaging search warrants, technology and the Fourth Amendment, zombie cookies, and more.

August 14, 2010
#73: Net Lewdtrality

Oracle sues Google over Java converter, DCMA exemptions detailed, smart phone privacy leaks, Google/Yahoo deal, and more.

August 10, 2010
#72: Always Lead With Porn

Impact of DMCA exemptions, jailbreaking apps, turtleneck power, Hollywood and the feds teaming up, google watching your pool, and more.

August 1, 2010
#71: Complex, Adaptive, Unladen Swallows

WikiLeaks, anonymous sources, identity trust systems, Flipboard scrapping, and more.

July 25, 2010
#70: Creating With Vader

Signal strength death grip match, RIAA/Google update, creativity: boom or bust, Facebook giveaway, and more.

July 17, 2010
#69: Do Lawyers Dream of Electric Sheep?

Robots: What happens when they get more than just your beer, and more.