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No one does a better job of explaining technology, computers, and the Internet than Leo Laporte. This feed contains the full audio of his twice weekly radio talk show as heard on stations all over the US on the Premiere Radio Networks.

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September 3, 2007
The Tech Guy 384

NBC vs iTunes, Windows Server 2008, and speeding up network shares...

September 3, 2007
The Tech Guy 383

THX audio, online extortion, and the new AVCHD camcorders...

August 26, 2007
The Tech Guy 382

Engadget's Ryan Block on the iPhone hacks, the trouble with WGA, and shooting in the RAW...

August 26, 2007
The Tech Guy 381

The iPhone is unlocked, protecting your images, and busting the gigahertz myth...

August 23, 2007
The Tech Guy 380

Roku's new Internet radio, reclaiming your domain name, and lojack for laptops...

August 18, 2007
The Tech Guy 379

High def audio, a doorbell for cubicle dwellers, and 1080i vs 1080p TVs...

August 15, 2007
The Tech Guy 378

Cloning Digg, using a Skype phone, and diagnosing Windows boot woes...