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May 7, 2015
#1254: Court Rules NSA Surveillance Illegal!

Universal Parks to build theme-park attractions based on Nintendo video games.

May 6, 2015
#1253: The FTC Beats Apple Over Beats

After speculation and rumor, Apple confirmed that it has a web crawler called the Applebot

May 5, 2015
#1252: Google+ Collections: Pinterest for Dudes!

Facebook is now using Nokia's Here maps for mobile web.

May 4, 2015
#1251: Twitter Hits HBO Below the Belt

US Justice Department plans to reveal more about the government's of phone tracking systems.

May 1, 2015
#1250: A Tesla in Every Garage

Origin successfully launched it's spacecraft in a test flight

April 30, 2015
#1249: The End of Secrets

Microsoft announced a range of products, services and initiatives at its Build Conference in S.F.

April 29, 2015
#1248: Apple's Timeless Watch Policy

Facebook called out European regulators for fragmented policy demands.