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July 2, 2010
#24: Taylor Lautner's Abs: Fair Use?

22-year-old jailed by Muvico; Apple PR spins iPhone reception, calls Job's "retire" email fake; your next video cable may be CAT6; child engineer becomes Spider-Man; and more.

July 1, 2010
#23: Socialized Megabits

Broadband as human right, crackdowns on P2P users, Google's ITA acquisition, DYI Kindle DX, no hope for Blu-Ray on Macs, and more.

June 30, 2010
#22: Your Infection Did Not Come From Porn

Kin killed after only a month; iPhone 4 reception better than it looks; Amazon buys Woot; Hulu architected not to replace TV; YouTube makes the case for Flash; Verizon 4G in November; and more.

June 29, 2010
#21: Dude, You're Getting A Leaky Dell

Hulu Plus costs $10, still has ads; Dells leak fluid; Google Me is real; iPhone 4 sells out at AT&T, goes to Verizon in January?; Drugged child earns $150K; and more.

June 28, 2010
#20: My Face Is Up Here, Kinect.

Kindle iPhone/iPad apps get video, Windows 8 knows your face, pageviews are dead, porn drops flash, and more.

June 25, 2010
#19: When Horseboy Attacks

Jobs to iPhone 4 users: "Hold Different"; Hulu subscription service nears; MeeGo usurps Symbian; Facebook declares war on Google; and more.

June 24, 2010
#18: XXX Radioactive Squirrel

iPhone 4 hates lefties, social networking spikes oxytocin, tech companies are more trusted than traditional media, and more.