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August 13, 2010
#53: Ten Wookies On A Corner

Oracle sues Google, no special deals for RIM, and why Wookies will gather on corners.

August 12, 2010
#52: Not In The Eyes!

New Sony PlayStation phone, Google's new Android voice recognition, and the danger of green lasers.

August 11, 2010
#51: The Hammers Root Our Show

A virus hits Android, the stress of identity theft, and sounds of construction!

August 10, 2010
#50: DROIDian Slip

The DROID 2 gets a release date and we almost see it, Google gets raided in Korea, and Kinect opens up for beta.

August 9, 2010
#49: Clicky Makes Me Stabby

Verizon and Google decide net neutrality, Skype goes IPO, and Verizon rumour-palooza.

August 6, 2010
#48: Zero Fatalities Per Gallon

Volvo aims for a perfectly safe car, HP loses a CEO, and we invent the word CowyHorse.

August 5, 2010
#47: Rumors, Denials, And Dung

The next iPod Touch, Verizon and Google net neutrality lies, a car that runs on poop, and more.