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March 30, 2011
#210: Go Robots

Should government broadband be illegal? Samsung installs secret keyloggers, the robots ride to the rescue in Fukushima, and more.

March 29, 2011
#209: Sloppy Science Talk

Windows Phone 7 will outsell iPhone, Another AOL-Time Warner merger, Netflix throttles Canada, and more.

March 28, 2011
#208: No iPhone 5 For You

Why is Dorsey back at Twitter? Where did Ev go? No iPhone 5 this summer, Java founder joins Google, and more.

March 25, 2011
#207: Only Been Pinged Once

Is Android closed now? Microsoft picks up some used IPV4 addresses, Color breaks itself to fix itself, and more.

March 24, 2011

Text donations to Japan delayed by carriers, Google Music gets a little more real, the PlayBook gets Android apps, and more.

March 23, 2011
#205: Chumby Part 8: The Reckoning

Government wants control of app store, Japan's earthquake affects tablet wars, fighting file-sharing may kill music biz, and more.

March 22, 2011
#204: There's An App Store For That

CTIA CEOs get catty, Steve Jobs goes to court, Sprint goes 3D, and more.