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January 18, 2012
#418: The Facts About SOPA And PIPA

What SOPA and PIPA really mean, whether they solve any problems, why Jerry Yang really left Yahoo, and more.

January 17, 2012
#417: Auld Yang's Syne

Jerry Yang-ked from Yahoo! The Garage Band of eBooks from Apple? Could Samsung buy RIM?... and more.

January 16, 2012
#416: Blackberry Berry Sad

Zappos hacked, SOPA on the Ropes, good news and bad news for Linux and secure boot, and more.

January 13, 2012
#415: CES: I Want To Want The Windows Phone

From CES 2012: China's egg-throwing iPhone launch failure, Google caught stealing leads in Kenya, last thoughts on CES, and more.

January 12, 2012
#414: CES: Who Tweeted?

From CES 2012: Best of CES awards, Microsoft making more bank from Android, Foxconn suicide threat, and more.

January 11, 2012
#413: CES: Hide-and-Seek

From CES 2012: Intel finally breaks into phones, OnLive comes to Google TV and headphones that won't fall out of your ears and more.

January 10, 2012
#412: CES: This Time We Won't Fail

From CES 2012: Microsoft's hidden announcements, MySpace tries to be relevant, CES gadget bonanza, and more.