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April 6, 2015
#310: Samsung Updates from Seoul

Microsoft takes on Apple Pay

April 3, 2015
#309: Secure Chat Through BitTorrent!

Second Title: Happy 40th Birthday Microsoft

April 2, 2015
#308: The Dangers of Periscoping

Amazon Echo can now give you Sports Scores and game times

April 1, 2015
#307: Obama Signs Executive Order to Target Hackers.

Show Me You're Fridge on Periscope!

March 31, 2015
#306: Unlock Everything With Your Face

Microsoft Surface 3 can run Windows 10.

March 30, 2015
#305: A Tidal Wave of Lossless Music

Windows Spartan sneak peak

March 27, 2015
#304: The Verdict is Not In Yet!

Tech elite likes to go racing