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May 22, 2014
#93: The House Passes NSA Reform

Samsung VR for Smartphones

May 21, 2014
#92: Google Ads on Everything You Own

Nest smoke alarms to go on sale again.

May 20, 2014
#91: Surface Pro 3 Revealed

Microsoft unveils the Surface Pro 3, Photoshop coming to tablets, and China bans Windows 8.

May 19, 2014
#90: Why AT&T buys DirecTV

AT&T buys DirecTV, Twitter considers buying SoundCloud, and are Samsung and Apple making-up?

May 16, 2014
#89: Will Pinterest Take on Google?

The Graphene wars can begin! Pinterest takes on Google, real Wolverine claws, and more.

May 15, 2014
#88: Did the FCC Ruin the Internet?

The FCC approves new broadband rules, a plan to sell broadcast TV spectrum to wireless, AT&T voice over LTE, and more.

May 14, 2014
#87: The NSA/Microsoft Connection

How the NSA used Skype and Outlook in data collection, photos from inside an NSA intercept room, and Google must comply with the "right to be forgotten."