The Social Hour

November 22, 2013
#138: Pinterest travels, Snapchat passes Facebook, Windows gets Instagram

Amber & Sarah discuss Pinterest getting into the travel game, Snapchat passes Facebook in photo snaps?, Windows phones get Instagram, Jean-Claude Van Dam impersonated, and more!

November 15, 2013
#137: BAT KID! Snapchat's offer, Toymail

Amber & Sarah watch Bat Kid save Gotham city, Toymail for parents and kids, Pinterest's new API, Quad app for college kids, tips for better YouTube thumbnails, & more!

November 8, 2013
#136: Twitter IPO! Context photo text app! Doge!

Amber & Sarah chat about what Twitter's IPO means for the future, YouTube's new Google+ commenting system, Facebook's new Like buttons, Context photo app is the new Snapchat, Sunrise calendar is socially superior, & more!

November 1, 2013
#135: Facebook loses teens, PiP for pets, FrontBack, Pinstamatic

Amber & Sarah chat about Facebook's teen exodus, PiP is facial recognition for lost pets, Pinstamatic opens up Pinterest to everything, FrontBack is creatively odd, Twitter's new timeline, & more!

October 25, 2013
#134: LinkedIn Intro, Vine Time Travel, Collections

Amber & Sarah chat about Twitter's teen popularity, the decline of Wikipedia, Medium opening to all, Collections, LinkedIn "Intro", & more!

October 18, 2013
#133: Twitter's DM turmoil, Patreon, FriendFlop

Sarah & guest host Iyaz Akhtar chat about Twitter's new DM strategy, why Facebook trumps all other networks in referral traffic, Path's layoffs, the iKettle, & more!

October 11, 2013
#132: Alexis Ohanian, Author

Amber & Sarah chat with TSH favorite Alexis Ohanian about his new book, social don'ts, & spirit animals, Instagram forces video autoplay, superhero social scores, SCR Screen Recorder for Android, & more!