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Social web addicts Sarah Lane and Amber MacArthur have teamed up to create "The Social Hour," your source for the best social tools, news, and fascinating folks building the next generation of the Internet.

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July 25, 2011
#18: New Set & Facebook's Secret iPad App!

Amber & Sarah kick off their 1st show in TWiT's new studio with Beiber on Instagram, Facebook's hidden iPad app,, Sonar, & much more!

July 18, 2011
#17: Founder/CEO Laura Fitton

Amber & Sarah chat with's Laura Fitton on Twitter tools, social etiquette/strategy, and when to pivot! Plus, Pandora's new look, tempalias for anonymous email, & more!

July 11, 2011
#16: Google+ & Cosmic Panda

Amber & Sarah show off YouTube's Cosmic Panda, Google+ tips and tricks,,, and more!

July 5, 2011
#15: Reddit Co-Founder, Breadpig Founder, & Hipmunk Marketing Head Alexis Ohanian

Amber & Sarah chat with Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian on Hipmunk, Breadpig, & how to win at social, why Google+ works, Scoville for Foursquare data, for home decor, & more!

June 27, 2011
#14: The Good, Bad, Rad, & Fad

Amber & Sarah on Facebook songs, sharing old photos, using YouTube strategically, the complications of "fair use", and - rad or fad? All that and more!

June 20, 2011
#13: King of Pop gets crowdsourced, Facebook Fakes, Color Pivots, With!

Amber & Sarah show off how crowdsourcing video made a Michael Jackson video come to life, helpful network app BranchOut, how to report FB impersonation scams, to spread the word about your brand or cause, & is the With app Rad or Fad?

June 13, 2011
#12: BBC Click Website Diva Kate Russell!

BBC Website Diva Kate Russell joins Amber & Sarah, Facebook's curious user number drops, Rapportive for Gmail, what the average Twitter looks like, & peek into the pub with SceneTap!