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February 13, 2012
#47: The Social Hour 47: Grammys Delay, Instagram's Lux, Whitney Houston News

Amber & Sarah on Grammys cheers & jeers, Whitney Houston's death "broken" via Twitter, LinkedIn buys Rapportive, Instagram adds Lux, & more!

February 6, 2012
#46: CEO Steve Years & a Social Superbowl

Amber & Sarah chat with CEO Steve Years about creating personal infographic destinations, Twitter rules the Superbowl, Tumblr hires writers/editors, Gripevine, & more!

January 30, 2012
#45: Rdio CEO Drew Larner

Amber & Sarah chat with Rdio CEO Drew Larner about the future of streaming music, plus a walkthrough of Wunderkit, Stitchagram, Buffer news, & more!

January 23, 2012
#44: Gentlemint, StoryWheel, Focus on the User

Amber & Sarah cover Obama's Google+ Hangout, Apple's iBooks textbook sales, Focus on the User's search effort, Gentlemint's answer to Pinterest, & more!

January 16, 2012
#43: Pinterest Clone, @sweden, Bandcamp, Olly!

Amber & Sarah talk Pinspire ripping off Pinterest, @sweden, Bandcamp, Olly for scented tweets, & more!

January 9, 2012
#42: CES, Instagram + Facebook, Moo

Sarah & Amber talk CES, Instagram photo integration on Facebook, free Moo cards, the Santorum sweater vest, digital detox vacations, & more!

January 3, 2012
#41: Trendhunter's Jeremy Gutsche, Rupert Murdoch, GoFundMe

Amber & Sarah talk 2012 trends with Trendhunter's Jeremy Gutsche, Rupert Murdoch deletes tweets, @mentionmachine, for donation pages, & more!