The Social Hour

August 31, 2012
#75: Obama's Reddit AMA, Romney's Twitter Push, Facebook Photo Blur

Amber & Sarah chat about how Obama and Romney are turning to social, create a timeline site, Gmail tips, blurring Facebook photos, & more!

August 24, 2012
#74: Twitter Hates Tumblr, Smarter G+ Circles, SuperPacApp

Amber & Sarah on Twitter's API clampdown, how to make Google+ smarter, SuperPacApp for wading through politics, Prince Harry's social legacy, & more!

August 17, 2012
#73: Amy Jo Martin, Digital Royalty Founder/CEO

Amber & Sarah chat with Digital Royalty's Amy Jo Martin, plus Facebook's ad plan, Yelp's makeover, & fakers on StatusPeople!

August 10, 2012
#72: Social black markets,, LinkedIn Premium

Amber & Sarah discuss the black market for Twitter and Facebook, Gmail results coming to search, for charity, is LinkedIn Premium worth it, & more!

August 3, 2012
#71: Digg Relaunch, LinkedIn and Yelp Win, Maily for Kids's big relaunch, LinkedIn and Yelp are winning, Maily email for kids, and the mystery of the missing iPhone.

July 27, 2012
#70: Super Social Olympics, Facebook Recommendations, Vsnap

A very social Olympics, Twitter's not playing nice with Instagram, Facebook's recommendations bar, Airbnb buys Batch, Vsnap for vids, & more!

July 20, 2012
#69: Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo? Digg's Rebuild, Flipagram

When social gaffes go very wrong, Greenpeace parodies Shell, Flipagram, Rethinking Digg< Save Flickr, Marissa Mayer!