Security Now

Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.

Records live every Tuesday at 1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET.

February 16, 2006
#27: How LANs Work, Pt. 1 Steve continues to lay a foundation on understanding networking.
February 9, 2006
#26: How the Internet Works, Pt. 2 Part 2 of Steve's discussion of how the fundamental Internet technologies work.
February 2, 2006
#25: How the Internet Works, Pt. 1 Steve talks about the Kama Sutra virus, scheduled to strike tomorrow, and PC World's anti-virus roundup.
January 26, 2006
#24: Your Questions, Steve's Answers Our monthly question and answer session with Steve Gibson...
January 19, 2006
#23: Mousetrap Steve Gibson with the final word on the Windows Metafile (WMF) vulnerability, and a new program he's written to detect it in all versions of Windows.
January 12, 2006
#22: The WMF Backdoor Flash: Steve Gibson has been working with the WMF vulnerability and is now convinced that this is an intentional backdoor into Windows added by Microsoft.
January 5, 2006
#21: Ilfak Guilanov and the WMF Flaw Security Now! with Steve Gibson, Episode 21 covers the worst Windows vulnerability yet and we interview the author of the first patch, Ilfak Guilanov.